Why Choose Us

Siscomedia Ltd smsmarketingportal.com has the big vision of being west Africa’s premium provider of sms and mobile marketing solutions. We are on record to processing about 700,000 sms daily by Dec. 31st, 2018.

We are your effective, proven and tested sms marketing and communications system. Our sms systems are;


Clients have reported not only an increase in their leads and flawless customer interaction but also major boosts in their bottomline. The simplicity and ease of use of our system makes it an effective leads/marketing channel.


The long list of clients we have and testimonials we get periodically from these satisfied customers proves that when our sms mobile marketing systems are used frequently in conjunction with other strategies, business grows and yield results.


Our Services are been used in several industries by all classes of small business enterpreneurs and marketers, ranging from Non- governmental and religious like churches, club groups, etc to manufacturing and professional services firms.

We work with the following Our Core Values

Integrity -We do what we say as promised. Say the truth always and maintain agreements and are accountable for all our actions or inactions.

Innovative Creativity – We think outside the box to create new products, services, processes and systems of delivery for our sms marketing clients. We dedicate time and resources to research and Development in other to create more.

Purpose – A definite end, a lofty goals and determination to reach it no matter the circumstances or challenges on the way.

African – We work to elevate and promote positive African cultures and values to the world.

Customer Satisfaction – Determined to help customers achieve set goals and solve their problems in an efficient and timely matter that gives them satisfaction and profits to us too.


We have our own systems, reliable sms/sim servers, premium gateway partners that deliver to Nigerian, west Africa and several countries around the world. And so much more. Won’t you rather work with us? Registration is free. Try some of our services for 30 days period.