What’s All The Fuss About SMS Coupon Marketing?

Posted on November 29th, 2017

SMS Coupons are text messages which are sent to targeted audiences or customers to offer them the latest products, services, discounts, events and upcoming offers. You as a business owner or marketer can offer products promotions to customer through Text messages; customer read your text messages and responds instantly.

Traditionally, marketers and retailers distributed printed coupons for consumers to redeem at the point of sale, or print them on product packaging to enable sweepstakes and rewards based on point of collection. The end point of most of these campaigns is to promote customer loyalty.

With the rise of mobile phones, new possibilities emerged for loyalty program. SMS coupons marketing is a customer-friendly solution for boosting loyalty over a reliable communication channel – SMS messaging – which appeals to different consumer profiles and age groups.

According to Juniper Research, mobile coupons have a redemption rate of 10%, while traditional ones’ rates amount to only 1%. Also relying on enterprise SMS technology rather than apps, offers customers the convenience of not having to download additional software to participate in your promotions.

Sms coupons as a marketing strategy, can meet the challenge of any marketing campaign. It helps businesses address the competitive environment in which companies are constantly looking for new ways to stay on top, and engage both new and existing customers.

Now how do SMS COUPONS  really work in the first instance?

The SMS Coupons service of siscomedia’s smsmarketingportal.com for instance, allows you to send mobile coupons to a large number of participants simultaneously.

Consumers in your list of recipients receive an SMS on their mobile phone, which can either contain a redemption code in plain text, or a link to a multimedia coupon accessible through their phone’s mobile internet connection, though mostly of the former. You can thus create any number of digital promotions targeting consumers on their most personal device: their mobile phone.

Also customers can text into a special shortcode or longcode number and get these coupons, as a result you now have the mobile number of the customer for future SMS marketing campaigns. It’s the easiest way for merchants and businesses to reach and communicate with your shoppers who are really interested in your products or services.

To cut the long story short, SMS Coupons are a highly effective and proven medium which is used by loads of big companies and retail giants to sell off large quantities of their products most especially during the holiday periods. This is because the response rate to SMS Coupons by customers is as high as that of bulk SMS Messages, maybe even more.

Dear Friend understand that Mobile coupons are the quick, affordable and simple way to reach customers at home with your brand/business. Have in mind that, when you are looking to start your own mobile coupon campaign you have to decide what to offer your audiences. You can offer price discounts, free products, buy one get one free offers, cross selling offers and contest entries, etc.

The universe of SMS Coupons is fun and guarantees you high Return on Investment (ROI). Why not be a part of that universe today.