Why you should use SMS Marketing Portal today.

Posted on January 16th, 2018

I find myself in a sharing mood this 2018, so in keeping with that spirit allow me share with you the worst kept secret in mobile marketing and bulk SMS messaging. Its not news in the online world especially here in Nigeria that bulk sms messaging service providers are opaque in their dealings, not fully transparent to customers, shady service delivery and fraught with limited features and options on their platforms; all these while still charging users very exorbitant rates.

But our own platform, www.smsmarketingportal.com sure you must have heard of it, isn’t like that.This bulk sms messaging platform in my modest opinion has redefined the art of bulk sms messaging, mobile marketing and even lead generation all at once. Cool right? But that’s not all; the platform is loaded with beneficial features, consistent up-time and so much more.

www.smsmarketingportal.com offers “DELIVERY REPORT” for every bulk sms message sent. What’s better than knowing if your message was delivered or not and why it wasn’t? Other platforms just show you “sent” but you as a subscriber is oblivious to as to whether the message was delivered, pending, not delivered etc. what makes this so cool is that the delivery report comes at no extra cost to you.

www.smsmarketingportal offers competitive rates on purchase of SMS units. Purchase kicks off at N3.5 per bulk sms unit. Imagine? All those options, offers and service at just N3.5? Almost sounds too good to be true if you ask me. This means in ordering for an amount of SMS units for example 250 units, it will cost you a measly N875. That’s not even the best part; In keeping in line with the platforms transparency mantra, for every message that is not delivered successfully www.smsmarketingportal.com will “give you your money back”, no other platform around offers you this guarantee. That is a fact.

Another special thing about www.smsmarketingportal.com is that, registration process is as simple as ABC. All you need do is fill in your registration details, click on the activation link and voila! You are a subscriber and now free to enjoy its awesome benefits. Also the user interface is as user friendly as can be, the options are clearly illustrated and the options very easy to use. Furthermore, a free downloadable user guide is available upon login (a soft copy will be sent to your mail too at request).

Another feature that makes this bulk sms messaging platform stand out is its service speed, gone are the days and times of very slow and unresponsive functions and features for bulk sms users; this platform prides itself on service speed and maximum delivery at all times.

I did a little research earlier to check how “truly competitive” the sms units rates of www.smsmarketingportal.com where. My findings showed that amongst other service providers who offered similar or even less options and features than the sms marketing portal platform the average charge was at least N4.5 for a single sms unit. Rip off! If you ask me my opinion, though others I observed charge even more lesser than what we offer but do they offer quality service? or can they guarantee you get your money back if messages are undelivered? Do they have a built in delivery report feature like ours that shows you which messages where delivered, which were not and why?

It’s obviously clear, www.smsmarketingportal.com is the best choice. I didn’t even mention the SMS Scheduling feature, the contact book options and the sms autoresponder features of our site? Don’t even get me started on the sms longcode functions too. There is no basis of comparison. Visit the site and check all these out yourself.