HOW TO USE SMS MARKETING Opt-in list generation TO INCREASE PROFITS (part 2)

Posted on September 6th, 2017

Last week, we talked about marketing being like oxygen or blood to your business and how you can create an Opt-in sms list you can be marketing to constantly.

I told you how you can gather your list of customers by offering a free service to them. Here’s the concluding part of the article.


  • Find That Right Spot

Text your customers too much, and they’ll unsubscribe. Don’t text them enough, and you’ll lose out on sales. “You’ve got to really look at where the threshold is of being annoying [versus] actually adding value,”

Take car dealerships, for example. An expert advice “Sending a text message every week about buying a new car is going to get very, very frustrating,”  There’s no value for customers, especially if they just bought a car from you three months ago.

So how do you figure out how and when to contact them?

Analyze your game

The right frequency and timing are different for every business. “[It] depends on the company, depends on the content, and depends on who you’re targeting,”

For instance, if a barber knows that his average client gets a haircut every month, he could send a text every three weeks to get them in a little sooner.

“And when you look at the numbers…within a year that’s 12 haircuts times N300 per haircut, it’s N3600 of revenue,” “If I can scoot that up to every three weeks…because [I send] this awesome text message discount… [then that’s] more haircuts, which equals more revenue.”

  • Choose Your Words Wisely

A lot of phones only show the user the first line of a text, so you have to open it to see the entire message. “Maybe the first 30 to 60 characters may be displayed…depending on what operating system you’re on,”

That means that the first few words in your texts will make or break your marketing success. “You don’t want to say, ‘Buy a Pizza…’ and that’s what they see,” he says. Customers will ignore it. They don’t want to buy anything.

So how do you get them to pay attention?


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Make it about them

Lead with the value for the customer.

“If you look at any McDonald’s ad, it’s always, ‘Get 20% off’ and then the qualifications are below,”  “You’ve got to hook them. You want to see, ‘Get a free burger…’”

It may seem like a small tweak, but it “can influence open rates and redemption rates significantly,”

So that is it. Hopefully these tips will help your sms marketing campaign to yield more results. Feel free to let us know how it goes.


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