SMS Voting

You can set up our sms voting service to vote for your favorite contestant, game, quiz, elections and all other voting programmes or campaigns. Simply create a keyword for your voting campaign and upload your voting parameters like candidate name, number or Photograph and store on the system.

Live Chat

Our Customer care and Support staff are always on hand to help you with any issue you have. You want to run live voting? Then Use our live chat feature to talk to us or simply drop an email for any issue you have regarding your voting campaign.

Accurate Calculation

Our system does an accurate calculation of all votes polled. It can fish out mutliple votes or vote inconsistent with your rules, e.g; someone voting for two candidates. All votes are tied to the phones numbers of voters and you could even see who and who voted for what in your detailed reports and Stats Tab.

Save Costs and Time

Save costs and time with your manual voting campaign by doing it faster. Just three clicks/forms to fill and your campaign is live and ready to launch. And also eliminate errors and frauds.

Multiple Campaigns

SmsMarketingPortal’s SMS voting system allows you to create as many campaigns as you want for different crietria, voting sessions, candidates or events. Each campaign is uniquely different with it own keyword and can have different assigned numbers or a dedicated longcode number you can choose from.

Kickstart your SMS Voting Campaign.