SMS Related Terms And Meanings.

Posted on December 8th, 2017

There are related terms that SMS providers use when it comes to disseminating information that has to do with their products or services. We are going to shade a few lights on some of them which are as follow:

      1.Long code.

      2.Short code

      3.Sms coupons/sms coupons marketing

      4.Sms autoresponder

       5.Opt -in marketing


What is a long code?

SMS long codes refer to a standard 10 – 11-digit dedicated phone number that enables a business to receive SMS text messages, voice and fax from anywhere in the world. They are standard numbers e.g 2348012345678. Long codes allow businesses to have their own dedicated phone numbers to receive and transmit SMS text messages. These long codes are intended for one on one communication, similar to the way a normal phone operates or 2way SMS authentication offerings.

Long codes are restricted by the network operators to one message per second (60 messages per minute) per originating phone number. Longcodes are usually less expensive than shortcodes. A standard long code usually costs between N10,000 – N50,000 per month and between N4 to N15 to transmit text messages.


What is a short code?

Shortcodes are short digits significantly shorter than telephone numbers, that are used to address messages in the system of mobile network operators. they are used in abbreviated dialing. Usage is always accompanied with a shared or dedicated keyword. An example of a shortcode is 33456.

They are designed to be easier to read and remember, than normal telephone numbers. Most shortcodes in Nigeria (and mostly other parts of the world) are widely used more for mobile services, e.g. ordering ringtones, television program voting, mobile news services, etc.  Here is an instance of how it is used: Text “news” to 34303 for latest entertainment gist.

Shortcodes are more expensive than their counterpart longcodes. A shortcode could cost anywhere from N500,000 – N2.5 million. Depending on whether you are on a dedicated or shared platform and sending of text are always premium rated starting from N50 – N200.


Sms coupons/sms coupons marketing

SMS Coupon marketing is all about using coupons to market your products and services. In coupons marketing. A customer cuts out a coupon (maybe in a cereal box or a newspaper ad) and presents it to a merchant to get a discount or win a price.

Using SMS as the avenue for delivering the coupons instead of newspapers, email or even the cereal box not only let’s you build a list of new customers that will be willing to try your products or services but it also manage and monitor the efficacy of your coupon marketing and also measure your returns on investments.


SMS AutoResponder

Sms autoresponders allows customers to request real-time business or product information via text message anytime 24/7, while putting business contact information in the pocket of the client for future reference as well as allowing businesses to capture customer’s mobile numbers and follow them up automatically via SMS.

Right now, you put your advertising out there, and you wait for a response. You wait for a phone call, a website visit, a response by mail or a visit to the store that might never come. Now you can get an instant response to your advertising with Sms autoresponders.

With sms autoresponders you can have interesting benefits such as being able to customize messages that customers receive, double opt-in option and real time reporting of who and who has subscribed to your service or follow up sequence, next message scheduled to be sent and more.


Opt in marketing

Opt-in marketing is a form of permission marketing in which there is a formal opt-in process for receiving follow-up messages, offers, etc. marketers ensure the customers  are fully aware that he or she will get additional information at a later date, thus removing an unwanted element of surprise or anger when the information arrives.

With mobile opt-in marketing like sms autoresponders lead generation you are assured that you are not just wasting your money blasting sms text message to an uninterested audience.


With these few explanations of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you what these mobile marketing terms used by most SMS or mobile marketing providers are. Enjoy your day!