SMS Coupon

Create sms coupons automatically to enhance your marketing message and increase your income. With this system you can create unlimited number of coupons attached to a keyword. You can create coupons based on discount; 10% off or deadline; to end on a specific date and distribute to clients or prospective customers.

Increase sales

SMSMarketingPortal Coupon service will help you increase sales. everyone likes a bargain deal. Encourage more sales from prospects using sms coupons.

Cost Efficient Marketing

Electronic Coupons (discount coupons) are effective means to market especially as everyone now has a mobile one. The reach of this is thus wide and it cost less than a naira (US cent) per coupon you create and use on our system.

Automate Sending

Send your coupons in one sms blast or automate it so that each new customer, client or lead you sign up gets an instant coupon. Use it to upsell more products to loyal customers

Coupon Tracking

Track your coupons and know what campaigns are on, which coupons have been sent, how many sent, which are pending and easily use your own recording systems to know which have been redeemed or yet to be.

Customer Loyalty Programmes

Sms coupons can be used to manage and promote customer loyalty programmes. Send coupons to your customers and get them to buy more with a discount offer, Buy one- get one free, Buy -to- win Contest, etc. Every sms coupon text sent out by the system is recorded and your can export or download and compare it when your customers present it to you at Point of Sales.

Admin panel

Our easy to use admin panel helps you identify your coupons campaigns and the various stages of your coupons.

There are lots of other things you can use sms marketing coupons to do including tracking advertising and rewarding customer loyalty. Try our services now for 30days free.

Start your SMS Coupon Marketing.