SMS Autoresponder

SMS autoresponder or lead generator is a 2way messaging service that can be used for gathering leads and prospects/customers for your business, seminars, church crusades, trade fairs, exhibitions, network marketing programmes, etc. It gives instant responses to messages sent in by SMS. It's the most efficient  2way SMS messenger platform in Nigeria.

Easily Generate Leads

Simply placing your campaign keyword and one or two personal details you want to collect from possible customers on any of your promotional materials or website can help you generate an endless stream of customers to your store, office or website

24/7 AutoReply

Our sms autoresponder Longcode service works 24 hours 7days a week, all year long. Your clients can text in any time they like and get replies even if its 2 AM in the morning. You can also set up your campaigns, check stats or reply customers via your dashboard.

Monitor Advert ROI

By placing a longcode opt-in option on your ads, you get to generate interested leads and prospects and are better able to measure your Ad/marketing Return on Investment.

Organise Events or Seminars

Use our sms autoresponder service to organise events and seminars. You can automatically assign seat or ticket numbers to prospective attendees or registered users and even give further instructions regarding your events, all automatically.

Automated Follow up that works

Once you upload your follow up messages to sms autoresponder, you can go to sleep as the system will automatically send your messages to your prospect, customers or event attendees that text in at the specific time you set. You don’t have to be anywhere near a computer or mobile phone. Sms autoresponder will send your follow up messages automatically and sequentially.

How to use SMS autoresponder service

1. Register and click to activate your account. registration is free. Then create a keyword campaign

2. Write 4 or 5 follow up sms messages and Upload it to the system.

3. Place your campaign keyword and one or two personal details you want to collect, eg; name, from customers on a promotional materials, emails or website.

4. Your customers text in with their phones and the system automatically sends them follow up messages and information about your products and services until they buy.


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Pls Note reply message to DND and ported numbers not guaranteed on normal route. You’ll need to upgrade your account to corporate route for guaranteed delivery. See Also How to de-activate DND on your line here.

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