Our SMS Long code/KEYWORD Hosting Service (also known as SIM Hosting) is a replica of Shortcodes function that offers a 2-way communication tool based on keywords sent in through text messages. Keyword Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your email, Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS server.

Fast Response

Our Longcode guarantees fast response and autoreply. Replies are always delivered within 0.5 seconds* to any telephone number in the world.

Reliable SIM Server

Our Longcode SIM servers are state of the art and reliable and always ON and ONLINE 247. So you are rest assured of an uninterrupted one going two way communication for any of your campaign.

Support Personnel

SMSmarketingPortal’s Knowledgable and warm support personnel can help you with your integration challenges. We’ll provide you with all the support you need from our end.

HTTP SMS Forwarding

You can forward the data you get from prospective texts that come to your longcode to any Url or re-direct to a database of your choice. We have tools and resources that can help you set it up on a simple website. Our Tech support team is also on hand to help

API Integration

By placing a longcode opt-in option on your ads, you get to generate interested leads and prospects and are better able to measure your Ad/marketing Return on Investment.

Manage Event Participants

Are you organising an event? Seminar? crusade or party? using any of our longcode service you can easily get people to RSVP or text in to indicate interest and then automatically assign seat numbers/roles/tickets and follow up all the prospective attendees automatically with well timed and sequenced sms messages.



Pls Note DND or Ported numbers might not delivery until de-activated.

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