Honest Review of 3 Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria(Including Ours).

Posted on November 16th, 2017

From time to time, at Siscomedia Limited we do review on some of our services along with contemporary service providers. Here is one we recently.

I like to think of myself as a growing authority when it comes to critiquing several marketing techniques and methods. The one I am going to be putting under the magnifying glass today is “Bulk SMS marketing Service”. I have been shouting it from the roof tops and even below the roofs that businesses in Nigeria are not taking advantage of the utopia called Bulk SMS ; they are too pre-occupied with sinking scarce funds in so called conventional marketing techniques which are outrageously expensive thereby abandoning cheaper and more engaging avenues like SEO, Lead generation, Auto responders, etc.

To help me buttress my point that Bulk SMS  is the way to go and also to help me avoid been looked upon like a blabbing wailer. I will be dissecting 3 pre-selected Service providers to see what makes them tick, how they stand out for me and most importantly how they help support or dissuade my earlier point.

Smsgator.com is on trial first, now I had never even heard of this platform prior to 24 hours ago (how many I go carry for head?). Ermm? Where to begin? First off, I love the professionalism and seriousness that oozes from the website, very tidy job, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) is on point because I felt like asking the GUI on a date, yea that was how beautiful and accessible she was *winks*.

Another positive aspect for them was their company theme “Innovating Messaging” I really felt inspired by it. Their verification process is the best I have seen, I couldn’t send a message without verifying my contact phone number, also I was amazed at their “Affiliate Options”…you could get sms units or even convert your affiliate units to cash. WOW! I also love their blog option and targeted phone numbers service. In all honesty these guys know what they are doing and are worthy competitors but I wasn’t impressed by the meager 5 sms units free after registration (Others offer way more nah) and there were no other advanced options such as delivery reports or service menus like SMS Auto responder, SMS Voting, etc. They fall my hand for that side.

Next up for C-section is 5starsmsng.com. I wasn’t impressed by these guys at all. Asides the fact that they had a good company mantra “Simple Interface, Instant Delivery” there was nothing to take my breath away at all. No blog options, doesn’t verify your email by sending an activation link, no affiliate option, Beautiful GUI but site hadn’t been updated obviously in a long while and in all honesty the whole thing just looked old. Very Disappointed.

Last up  is smsmarketingportal.com, now this is “our own” platform. I have used and currently work for this platform. Without being biased this platform has an amazing website, not your average Iya-alata WordPress/joomla bulk sms site. I am not a programmer but still don’t need to be told that, the site is top notch. When I started using this site the registration process was very short and concise, still is. (no too much long story), GUI looks nice, too. Now when in the clients area (which is on another sub domain for security sake – brilliant idea, by the way), I couldn’t believe my ears and lenses, the platform is just so easy to use. With Navigation buttons placed at the right, rather than the conventional left system you see on most sites.

Every new user is offered 12 free sms units. This I have argued should be more but well, management knows better. They have other complimentary sms/mobile marketing services, including SMS Autoresponder, SMS Voting , 2-way Longcode , SMS Scheduling, etc. Mogbe! But what did me in, is the delivery status reports, you get on all your sent sms messages…That is better than free beer. The feeling of seeing that DELIVERED as status is divine. And there’s also guaranteed refunds on undelivered messages.

As usual I have had some not so sweet sightings: some of the menu options were giving me errors, our platform’s mantra- effective, tested and trusted sms marketing and communications systems wasn’t placed under the Logo and no affiliate option yet. I wonder what the Tech team is doing about these observations, we already discussed three months ago.

All in all smsmarketingportal.com is a great platform to use for your bulk sms messaging and marketing needs apart from the many other features you see on other bulk sms sites, like the ones in this review, sms sending, sms scheduler, etc, There’s other complimentary services like sms autoresponder and sms coupons that will help you grow your customer loyalty, profits and improve customer/client engagement.

Feel free to register and use the service. Drop and email or talk to any of our customer agents, who are always available online, any time. Hoping to see you on board soon.  And get your own opinions about the site.