Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I have to pay any money to open an account on

No! Registration is free and depending on the promo we are running, you might get free sms or a number of days to try our services free, too.


2. How do I register on your site?

Simply visit and register with your Name, email address and phone number (in International format). Then click on the activation link you’ll receive¬†in your email inbox to activate your account. Then you can login and start using any of our services.


3. How do I pay for sms units?

You can pay for bulk sms units by funding your account and using the money in your account to purchase sms units. You can fund your SMP wallet account in two ways. Online via our simple secure payment processor using your debit or credit cards or through deposits or bank transfers to our account. For online payments you have to be logged in to be able to pay, while you will have to send us an email with your payment details if you are using the bank deposit payment model.


4. How long does it take for my account to be funded?

If you pay using the online payment via your card, your account wallet will be funded instantly but if you using the other model you’ll get funded manually by a customer care rep within 3 – 5 hrs of sending your payment notification.


5. How do I set up my sms autoresponder or other subscription service?

It’s very easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Create a keyword campaign and choose what subscription service you want to attach it to.

2. Select the number of months you want the subscription/campaign to run.

3. Conclude the set up by typing in your follow up sms messages/sequence or typing in your forwarding URL for shared longcode service or coupon discounts for sms coupon service, etc.

4. Save your settings. (You’ll get notification emails)

5. Start promoting your campaigns on a promotional material, emails or website. Tell customers details you want to collect, eg; name, from customers .


6. What is a long code?

A longcode is an international version of a shortcode. With a longcode you can text in from anywhere. Its a regular 11 or more digit telephone number used for 2way sms services. Most of our 2way sms services are attached to the longcode. See this article on our blog for more details about longcode. 


7. Do my customers have to text in to the longcode each time they want to subscribe for my services like sms coupons?

Yes! Your subscribers must text in to any of our special longcode number to be able to enjoy or receive 2way service messages.


8. How much do you charge for texts sent to your longcode?

There is a flat rate fee of N4 (Nigeria only, other networks and countries flat rate differs). This fee goes to the Telecom network providers.


9. Do you offer Shortcode services too?

For now we don’t offer shortcode services.


10. How does your subscription service work?

Once you fund your wallet you can use it to pay for any subscription service (sms autoresponder, sms coupon or shared longcode). Its one subscription for one campaign. All subscription services are in monthly periods. You can subscribe for as many months as you want. The system will bill the subscription costs from your wallet and set up your service for you.


11. Can I cancel my subscription or campaign at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription or campaign at anytime but if you have months left for the service you will have to forfeit any subscription payments made for those months.


12. Do I need to pay for sms units after paying for subscription service?

Yes. For Most of the subscription service you would need to purchase additional sms units to be able to communicate with or market to your list.


13. How do I know my subscribers?

Once you set up a subscription service like sms autoresponder. You can log in to your dashboard at any time to view your subscribers.


14. What guarantees do you offer?

See our guarantee page here