Bulksms Messaging

Bulk sms messaging is the bulk sms platform of our website. It allows you blast bulk messages to your list or collection of customers. Our Bulk sms platform delivers to over 250 networks, across countries around the world, including Nigeria, Kenya, US, UK, Germany and so many other countries.

At Siscomedia Ltd smsmarketingportal, we offer Fast and Reliable SMS gateway with dependability and Powerful features and benefits. Our bulk sms messaging service delivers to most mobile networks in Nigeria (covering all GSM Networks in Nigeria { Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN } and most CMDA networks) and the rest of the World.


Our core SMS Service features include:

+ Global reach
Reach any phone number or recipient in any part of the world that is set for receiving bulk sms messages, ie. no DND turned on. We cover over 250 Networks in over 180 countries worldwide.

+ Multiple Message Count
Want to send message that’s more than 160 character long? You can with smsmarketingportal bulk sms platform. Send 2 – 4 part messages together as concatenated/chained messages with each part delivered sequentially and no breakage or missing text in between.

+ Schedule SMS
Our Scheduler lets you set a future time and date you want your messages to be sent, may be for an Anniversary, Birthday wishes, announcement or a meeting reminder. Our Easy to use scheduling feature works 100% of the time. Set and let your message go at the scheduled time.*

+ Premium routes
All SMSMarketingPortal.com delivery routes are premium as they prioirtitize your messaging and deliver within seconds to any number in any part of the world. We use 4 premium international delivery routes, so you can be rest assured that your bulk sms messages will be delivered to your recipients without delay.

+ Delivery report
97.8% Guaranteed Delivery rates (or you get compensated). Get information as to the statuses of each of your messages as delivery reports. Whether they have been delivered to the phone, pending (phone is off), Rejected (due to Do-Not-Disturb DND) or undelivered. Delivery reports you can trust. Get refunds or bonuses for undelivered messages.**

+ Various Messaging Options 

You can Set up services and even send sms from smsmarketingportal.com platform, through our various APIs, from your own website or even from your Phone. SMS sending App coming soon.

+ Secure SSL Connection

You are connected to smsmarketingportal.com via a secure connection, so your information and messages are safe fro 3rd party intrusion.

+ Transparency in SMS units charges

We charge you fair and accurate price/fee for all our charges. No hidden charges or deductions. We cherish our integrity. See the other values and principles we work with on our Why choose us page.

+ Number Look up
SMSMarketingPortal bulk sms feature allows you to query or look up your phone numbers so you know their mode; whether active, inactive, ported, Do-Not-Disturb (DND), Roaming or otherwise. So you can exclude these numbers, save money and get guaranteed 100% assurance that your prospects will receive your message.

+ ……and more


* Sms Scheduler feature is different from our sms autoresponder and shouldnt’ be confused. sms scheduler let’s you set up a message to be sent once or over and over again, possibly to teh same number. Sms autoresponder lets you set several messages all at once and these sms can be sent at different times to different numbers in a sequential order. See our blog or the autoresponder page for more details

**If your message isn’t delivered you’ll get a refund, i.e. your money back or get compensated with other services or resources. See our Guarantee page and terms of conditions  for more information.

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