Bulk SMS and Business Marketing Model

Posted on November 8th, 2017

In today’s highly competitive market, traders and business entrepreneurs are always trying to find out new ways that will help them reach out to maximum number of potential customers at the earliest. With modern modes of communication and interaction within easy access, business owners can promote their trade successfully to a wider spectrum of people within minutes.

Bulk SMS is the new age technology that has not only caught the fancy of youngsters but also business organizations, to be used as an effective means of marketing. For example, with help of Bulk SMS, a retailer, for instance, can promote discounts, special events, new stocks and freebies to customers within few minutes.

Though there are various types of messaging services provided by telecommunication companies, the concept of bulk SMS has gained some popularity for its simple, reliable and speedy functionalities. Sometimes due to one issue or the other we might not be able to contact a person (client or customer) through phone call; however with help of a SMS, we can convey our message in a short and precise manner instantly.

Another benefit of using Bulk SMS Messaging as marketing tool is that it is extremely budget friendly and cost effective. Compared to a call, the SMS service is available at a much cheaper rate, thus allowing you to enjoy equal benefits of marketing. Popular brands use this facility to inform customers about various promotional activities and services that help improve the sales by leap.

If we go for the statistical review, bulk SMS caters for around 30-40% of promotional purpose. Moreover it has been also observed that in comparison to other modes of messaging, short message service is undoubtedly more effective and useful with a higher rate of flexibility, reliability and benefits. With help of advanced and dedicated devices, you can have your message delivered to thousands of people at one go. Not only it acts as a stepping stone towards better customer relationship but also saves lot of time and energy.

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