Brief Insight Into The World Of Bulk SMS.

Posted on November 15th, 2017

We all might have come across Bulk SMS in one way or the other. For those who hasn’t, its gonna be broken down for a simple understanding.

Just as the name bulk implies it’s the sending of large numbers of messages to mobile phones of a pre-determined group of recipients. It can also be defined as the dissemination of large numbers of sms text messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. Bulk sms is used by media enterprises, companies, little business owners, large scale business, small enterprises, etc to pass information and market to clients mobile phones.

A defining characteristic of bulk sms messaging is that businesses and organizations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages, namely; a mobile phone application, a software programme, a web interface, or integrate an SMS API with their website or system. These bulk SMS messaging solutions interface with a service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

An SMS gateway acts as a relay between the mobile network operators and a wireless applications service provider. These SMS gateways allow for SMS traffic to be distributed via a direct connection to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) of a mobile network operation and then onto a recipient’s mobile phone number.

There are merits and demerits of bulk sms

  • Low cost
  • Open rates
  • Simple and flexible
  • Highly targeted
  • Personalization


Demerits of bulk sms

  • Server problem
  • High rate charges for Christmas
  • Delayed messages
  • Sms failure

Note that irrespective of its De-merits bulk sms is the easy way for a successful business to contact its clients, not just as a seller but as a marketer, Use it today and enjoy success.