About Us

Siscomedia Ltd is a young Tech development and Digital marketing solutions company with current office location at Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria. Smsmarketingportal.com is our flagship platform for solving the digital/mobile marketing needs of our clients. Particularly their sms marketing and communication problems.


We like to think we are smart. We are incredibly hardworking and focussed at what we do and are constantly thinking about the big picture. We are focused mostly on results and like to avoid “noise.” We don’t dress corporate at the office or speak “too much grammar”.We are Lean, Mean and Fast.


Started in 2005 as a hobby by two brothers -Francis and Charles-, with the name Sisco Communications. We Formerly transformed into a business two years later as Siscomedia Solutions and operating from a cubicle like shared office space let to us by an Uncle. The Business got registered as Siscomedia Ltd in 2013. We have been in business for over a decade now. Find out more about us here.


Smsmarketingportal.com services help small to medium businesses and individuals achieve their productivity and profit goals. We offer Bulk sms messaging solutions, Longcode and shortcode sms solutions, sms applications/developments, automated messaging solutions and more. We also offer other mobile marketing solutions like WIFi marketing and QR codes marketing and also organise seminars and web classes on these mobile marketing solutions too. We hold the following values dear to our hearts:


  • Integrity
  • Continuous innovation
  • Purpose
  • Afro-centric
  • Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfactionWe have been doing business for over 10 years now, so you can say we know our onions, with a sense of pride and modesty. smsmarketingportal.com was re-launched in 2017 and so far we aim to become west Africa’s premium destination for sms marketing solutions. We re on course to processing 700,000 sms transactions monthly by dec. 31st 2019. Why not join us! See our results producing products and services here.

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