2 way long code messaging and its uses

Posted on November 28th, 2017

First we have to understand what this alien concept of 2 way Long code is all about. What is a Longcode you may ask, well a long code (also kown as 2 way long code), is an 11 digit mobile number. It is used to allow customers to reply to Bulk SMS messages businesses or brands send them, meaning two way conversations. That best describes the core essence of what longcodes are all about to any layman in Nigeria.

Now next question that pops up on your mind is now we know what Long code are. “alright, Of what use are these longcodes to us as business owners or Bulk SMS Service end users” For business owners, brands and entrepreneurs; Some business just want to send marketing messages to their customers with big offers and can set the sender ID as their company name, but some require the customer to reply. If you set your sender ID to your company name, then the networks don’t know where to route the replies to, as it is just seen as text.

This is primarily where the magic of 2 way longcode messaging happens; If you would like to give your customers that unique option of replying to your Bulk SMS messages you will need to send the message using a long code, or otherwise known as a virtual number. Using the 2 way long code messaging allows you two-way conversation, just like sending a text from your mobile phone.

Most Big Brands and business all have a dedicated long code SMS number (though not so many in Nigeria); they use long codes because it is a universal fact that it is the quickest and cheapest dedicated number SMS solution.  A dedicated long code SMS number allows you to send and receive SMS from the same number, every time.  Dedicated long code numbers are perfect for brands that want a permanent and powerful SMS presence, particularly global organizations who want to send and receive instant, reliable communications from overseas clients and customers.

Furthermore, Because of their cost effectiveness and ease of use, long codes are very popular across a range of industries and applications:

  • Enable all international companies and events to use the same globally available numbers,
  • Allow customer-initiated engagement and lead generation by advertising your SMS number on video, print and web channels worldwide,
  • Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-outs regardless of location,
  • Streamline requests for information and support in any time zone,
  • Automate appointment scheduling with seamless two way messaging,
  • Capitalize on consistent branding and messaging across your bulk SMS activities,
  • Provide global two factor authentication linkage for staff and customers of businesses.

The applications of 2way sms longcodes are as infinite as there are opportunities which it offers to your business or brand. Multi-nationals and large scale organizations have been taking advantage of this concept for a long time and have been enjoying the results.

Why not do so today?