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efficient sms autoresponder service and long code and shortcode

Clients have reported not only an increase in their leads and flawless customer interaction but also major boosts in their bottomline. The simplicity and ease of use of our system makes it an effective leads/marketing channel.


efficient sms autoresponder service and long code and shortcode

The long list of clients we have and testimonials we get periodically from these satisfied customers proves that when our sms mobile marketing systems are used frequently in conjunction with other strategies, business grows and yield results.
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efficient sms autoresponder service and long code and shortcode

Our Services are been used in several industries by all classes of small business enterpreneurs and marketers, ranging from Non- governmental and religious like churches, club groups, etc to manufacturing and professional services firms.

Longcode Service

Our SMS Long code/KEYWORD Hosting Service (also known as SIM Hosting) is a replica of Shortcodes function that offers a 2-way communication tool based on keywords sent in through text messages. Keyword Hosting is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your users/clients to your email, Server or Database, through a connection to our SMS server.

SMS Coupon

Create coupons. Enhance your marketing message and increase your income. With this system you can create unlimited number of coupons attached to a keyword. You can create coupons based on discount; 10% off or deadline; to end on a specific date. and distribute to clients or prospective customers.

SMS Coupon

SMS Voting

You can set up our sms voting service to vote for your favorite contestant, game, quiz, elections and all other voting programmes or campaigns. Simply create create a keyword for your voting campaign and upload your voting parameters like candidate name, number or Photograph and store on the system

SMS AutoResponder

SMS lead generator and autoresponder is a 2way messaging service that can be used for gathering leads,converts, customers, etc for your business, seminars,church crusades,trade fairs,exhibitions, Network marketing programmes, etc. It gives instant responses to messages. It's the most efficient 2way sms messenger platform in Nigeria.

SMS AutoResponse



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